XNAT Admin 101

This course is for anyone who is brand new to XNAT and wants to get started from scratch.

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About This Course

This course is geared toward first-time XNAT administrators. If you have a research study (or studies) to support and are exploring whether XNAT will fit your needs, this course will guide you through the steps involved to get started.

Despite being an introductory-level course, it covers a lot of ground as XNAT has a wide set of configurable capabilities. We expect that, between the lectures, quizzes, and practical exercises, the course may take around 3 weeks to complete (assuming 8-10 hours per week spent in the course). However, this course is not timed and you can proceed at your own pace.


We assume that you are already familiar with the imaging research environment and workflow, so we don't stop to explain terms such as "PACS" or "PET Session" or "Freesurfer".

For practical exercises, we recommend that you have access to a computer with at least 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended), and the ability to install software as an admin user. You should be familiar with using a command-line interface (i.e. Terminal on Mac OS, Command prompt or Git Bash on Windows) to access your system as well.

Course Staff

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Will Horton

Will Horton is the lead UI/UX/Instructional Designer on the XNAT team, and the head of XNAT Academy. Will has worked on the XNAT team since 2010.

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